My name is Randi.  "Randi Ran" as some like to call me.  

I am here to show you a gentler way of treating yourself and others - and sometimes that journey begins right on your yoga mat.


Like you, I'm living this human experience.  

I'm getting up daily, determined to be somehow better or more whole than I was the day before.


I am focusing on the breath.


I am choosing acceptance and love.


I am choosing to heal.


Yoga is a real live heart, mind, and body practice. It's beautiful. Connecting with your personal intentions is soulful.  Connecting with your breath is vital. Connecting with your heart is essential.  All of these things connect us to the source!

I believe that if we lead with LOVE, the good ENERGY has no other choice than to just FLOW.  It's a vibe.  Get into it.

While I've been instructing yoga for  years,

it is always the yoga that teaches me.

Love. Energy. Flow. Yoga.

~Randi Williams

RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Metro Detroit