Sometimes I get lost in a social media yoga black hole. I find myself immersed in post after post of these phenomenal bodies creating shapes and lines and bends and bows. BUT most yogis are not gymnasts, although some gymnasts can be yogis. Don't let the online yogis make you insecure about your practice. What they do is beautiful.

But so is what you do.

Your yoga is a real live heart, mind, body practice. It's beautiful. Connect with your personal intentions. Connect with your breath. Connect with your heart. Social media can be a gift and a curse. It can be a tool for motivation. Enjoy the views, but look within for the true inspiration.

Lead with LOVE and watch the good ENERGY just FLOW.

While I've been instructing yoga for a few years,

it is always the yoga that teaches me.

Love. Energy. Flow. Yoga.

~Randi Williams

RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Metro Detroit

Tel: (248) 770-2948


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