Love. Energy. Flow.

I love yoga. It’s that simple. At some point, I learned that the space I found for myself to heal trauma, to heal hurt, to heal pain (physical and emotional), was on my yoga mat. Then, I learned that I could also create space for myself to hear myself, to hear my heart, to hear to the spirit of God - also found that space on my yoga mat. On the the yoga mat, I found myself feeling gratitude for EVERYTHING. Releasing everything that no longer serves me opens me up to fill myself with thoughts and energies that only align to my highest good. That’s LOVE. When I truly understood that through the practice of yoga, I became more loving of EVERYTHING and towards EVERYONE, I realized the ENERGY a

Open and Free

The asanas (Asana = yoga pose) in yoga are like Yin/Yang. Let me explain. There’s always an opening and closing, an extension and retraction, inhale and exhale, lift and fold, bend and straighten. In those open poses, the purpose is twofold - we are allowing the stale energy that has found itself collected in pockets of our body, pockets of our psyche, we are allowing it - willing it - to leave, escape, seep out… creating space for the fresh, the new, the alive… creating space for love. So, Purpose #1 = Release. Purpose #2 = Invite. This whole thing requires us to be vulnerable. How many people want to crawl back into child’s pose when you are asked to open your hearts in an asana? Serious

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