The Ego is a Mountain

Mountain hiking is not for the faint of heart. Apparently, I’m one of those “faint of heart” folks. At least in this instance. I call it a wee bit of naivete’ - I was simply naive. Let me tell you how a vacation mountain hike turned into a whole yoga story. You know those motivational stories your teacher tells while holding you in Warrior 2. Yeah. It’s one of those. So get into a good Virabhadrasana II (veer-uh-buh-DRAHS-uh-nuh) and keep reading. So, my husband and I got signed up for this hike. Won’t go into detail about who signed us up, let’s just say I had some words for this person later. Anyway, a nice hike sounded fun and exciting and something I could say “I did it!” about afte

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