Love. Energy. Flow.

I love yoga. It’s that simple. At some point, I learned that the space I found for myself to heal trauma, to heal hurt, to heal pain (physical and emotional), was on my yoga mat. Then, I learned that I could also create space for myself to hear myself, to hear my heart, to hear to the spirit of God - also found that space on my yoga mat. On the the yoga mat, I found myself feeling gratitude for EVERYTHING.

Releasing everything that no longer serves me opens me up to fill myself with thoughts and energies that only align to my highest good. That’s LOVE.

When I truly understood that through the practice of yoga, I became more loving of EVERYTHING and towards EVERYONE, I realized the ENERGY around me shifted. The energy we feel when we are loved is straight from the divine. The energy we feel when we give love is also straight from the divine. Energy is everything.

Yoga literally means union - union of mind, body, breath and spirit. With each inhalation and exhalation we both invite and release. It’s like magic! With each asana, we lift and turn and bend and straighten and gold and twist and balance and release and hold and let go. We give our bodies permission to heal itself. We give our hearts permission to be healed. We give our breath permission to flow.

We flow. Our breath flows. Our energy flows. Our vibe elevates. And in the end, we are life.

Love. Energy. Flow.


Costa Rica, 9/9/17

#yoga #love #energy #flow #selfcare

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